PROFILE ABS Television is project with highly inspirational programs and broadcasts dedicated to those interested in new content, across the East African region. ABS channel is to become the world’s most well known and trusted source of informative, educational and entertaining content, in the field of the high competitive media industry.abs ABS channel will always exploit technology at the cutting edge of the digital revolution including digital television the web and social media using these to bring best content to the widest local audience possible. Mission To be highly sought after other media houses. Vision. To be the leading media house in Uganda, East Africa, Africa and to the rest of the world that ad dresses religious, political, economic and social factors so as to inform,entertain and educate the general public for effective positive transformation! ABS TV KEY TO SUCCESS Product quality/ customer satisfaction. Development of referral program. This division will not actively seek projects, but will respond to the referral clients i.e contributing to the consistency of client’s expectations and this divisions output. Product quality. Extensive review of content aired. Consistent, repetitious and personal contacting clients. Management of content broadcasting.
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